Timmermann Group

We help humanity change for the better




Timmermann Group

We help humanity change for the better

About Timmermann

"To help humanity change for the better"

is our purpose. Sounds ambitious, right?

As one of the world's leading change companies, our unique change portfolio consists of change management business consulting, change communication, new work office architecture, change and learning software, and training programs. We support organizations in change processes, e.g., agile transformations and strategy implementations, focusing on interpersonal aspects such as leadership, motivation and culture, as well as hard factors such as strategies, structures and processes.


With bright minds and open hearts, we shape change with clients who reeeally mean it.

Classic management consulting in the style of "rent a brain" doesn't solve many current challenges in organizations, many of whom have already incorporated a large part of this knowledge. 

Good theoretical ideas must become reality, and real changes in the behavior and mindsets of managers and teams must take place. To be effective, the business and change parts have to be conceived and carried out together. Often, this results in a truly transformational, i.e. long-term, partnership with our clients, based on joint development. Our clients come from a wide variety of industries and the public sector, and are all different sizes.

We create spaces that inspire ideas, closeness and results.

This is the mission of Timmermann Architecture & Design. An example of our work is our office, Timmerland: see here.

Our service lines

Timmermann Partners SL

Timmermann Partners

Change management business consulting

"We shape organizational change with clients who reeeally mean it."

Timmermann Change Communication SL

Change Communication

Creative agency for change communication

"We help people to understand, internalize and live change together."

Timmermann Academy SL

Architecture & Design

New work office architecture 

"We create spaces that inspire ideas, closeness and results."

Timmermann Digital SL

Timmermann Digital

Scalable change and learning software

"We use technology to help people change their mindset & behaviors."

Timmermann Academy SL

Timmermann Academy

Training programs

"We enable people to improve themselves, others and organizations."

Timmermann Social SL

Timmermann Social

Social enterprise

"We use change know-how to help solve the world's major problems."

News and events

TG Videos Startseite

Our work at the Timmermann Group

Check out our videos about the Timmermann Group and the topics that inspire us every day.

Home News LCA

Qualify as a Change Management Professional

Become a certified Change Management Professional with the Timmermann Living Change training course. Learn to lead changes in attitudes and behavior ...

231009 TIM Bild Welle

Change consultant workshop

Find out what opportunities and challenges change management brings, and what makes the Timmermann special.

Home News ChApp HO Welle2

Scaling change with the ChApp

It only takes minutes to learn how to use the ChApp (Timmermann change app) to scale change quickly and affordably in your organization.

Home News Stevie Welle

Stevie Awards: Timmermann ChApp wins 4x gold

The Timmermann ChApp (Timmermann change app) is winner of 4x golden trophys for first place at the Stevie Awards

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Discover the power of life and business coaching

Life and business coaching isn’t just for the elite. It’s for anyone who wants to grow, achieve their goals, and enhance their skills. Our AI Coach makes this transformative experience accessible to everyone.

Ready to transform your life?

Meet our team

51 people, a virtual AI coach (and a squirrel) who will happily use their warm-heartedness and intellect for you:

Michael Timmermann Business
Michael Timmermann Hobby

Michael Timmermann

Founder & CEO
Bernd Business-1
Bernd Hobby

Bernd Witzany

Chief Operating Officer
Lukas Bargel Business
Lukas Bargel Hobby

Lukas Bargel

Project Leader, Agile Coach
Deniz Business
Deniz Hobby

Dr. Deniz Seebacher

Associate Partner
Anna Business
Anna Hobby

Anna Lossmann

Head of Marketing & Sales
Stefan Business
Stefan Hobby

Stefan Kießling

Project Leader
Clara Radunsky Business
Clara Radunsky Hobby

Clara Radunsky

Project Leader
Lae Business (1)-1
Lae Hobby

Laelia Platzer

Agile Coach, Project Leader Internal Projects
Jan Ahrend Business

Jan Ahrend

Agile Expertise Leader (Expert)
Mariusz Business

Mariusz Kreft

Agile Expertise Leader & AI Architect (Expert)
Hannes Business
Hannes Hobby

Hannes Schweizer

Agile Expertise Leader

Dietmar Pelz

Expertise Leader
Sepp Business
Sepp Hobby

Sepp Baumeister

Head of Communication Creation

Micha Voß

Senior Art Director (Expert)
Stefanie Sebald Business
Stefanie Sebald Freizeit

Stefanie Sebald

Architect (Expert)
Jonas Stoll Business grau-2
Jonas Stoll Hobby grau

Jonas Stoll

Associate Expertise Leader
Marina Weber Business (Haare zu)-1
Marina Weber Hobby

Marina Weber

Trainer, Coach & Interior Designer
Sebastian Business
Sebastian Hobby

Sebastian Hertlein

Product Owner, Senior Consultant
Saadet Business
Saadet Hobby

Saadet Tas

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach
Clemens Business
Clemens Hobby

Clemens Wahlig

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach
Viktoria Business
Viktoria Hobby

Viktoria Nolte

Senior Consultant
Michael Boberach Business-1
Michael Boberach Hobby

Michael Boberach

Senior Consultant, Coach
Lukas Christmann Business
Lukas Christmann Hobby

Lukas Christmann

Consultant, Agile Coach
Lorenz Business
Lorenz Hobby

Lorenz Gerteis

Jilll Business grau 1
Jill Hobby grau 1

Jill Jeanne Semidei

Junior Marketing Manager & Consultant
Alex Business-2
Alex Hobby-1

Alexandra Oswald

Clara Business-1
Clara Hobby

Clara Scheufler

David Ambrosiak Website Bild (002)
David Ambrosiak Hobby Bild (003)

David Ambrosiak

Consultant, Agile Coach
Katharina Business
Katharina Hobby

Katharina Motzet

Jonas Will Business
Jonas Hobby

Jonas Will

Tara Business
Tara Hobby

Tara Duus

Lea Business (1)
Lea Hobby-2

Lea Lettenmeyer

Sophie Tewald Business
Sophie Tewald Hobby

Sophia Tewald

Junior Consultant
Lisa Oehl Business
Lisa Oehl Hobby

Lisa Oehl

Junior Consultant
Julian Kruszek Business
Julian Kruszek Hobby

Julian Kruszek

Junior Consultant
Magda Business
Magda Hobby

Magdalena Schuh

HR Specialist
Nicole Business

Nicole Schatz

Assistant to the CEO
Stephy Business
Stephy Hobby

Stephy Brand

IT Queen
Sneshi Business
Sneshi Hobby

Sneshana Lewin

Anja Business
Anja Hobby

Anja Hengge

Team Assistant
Nina Business
Nina Hobby

Nina Becker

Manager Internal Projects & Operations Specialist
De Kai Business
De Kai Business

De Kai

unhamster Advisory Board Member
Manuel Mark Business

Manuel Mark

Senior Marketing Expert
Abhishek Business

Abhishek Singh Kushwah

Senior AI Developer (Expert)
Jemis Goti business
Jemis Goti business

Jemis Goti

Front End Developer (Expert)
Vokan Business grau (1)
Volkan Hobby grau-1

Volkan Edis

Jassi Business
Jassi Hobby

Jasmine Craciun

Junior Marketing Manager
Samu Business (1)
Samu Hobby (1)

Samuel Spielmann

Junior HR Specialist
Anne Business
Anne Hobby

Anne Jüngert

Junior HR Specialist
Jegadeesh Business-3
Jegadeesh Hobby


Presentation Design Expert
Damjir Business
Damjir Hobby

Damjir Gasparic

Alex Morgan Business

Alex Morgan

Virtual AI coach


Senior Nutcracker

"A community of inspired and inspiring people jointly striving for impact.“

"I can't believe what a warm and inspirational environment this is!" - We hear something like this from most visitors to Timmerland.

We are constantly on the lookout for warm, intelligent and authentic people to enrich this world. Are you that person, or do you know someone who might be? Have a look at our careers page.

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