We help organizations go through change processes successfully. Doing so, we use both our hearts and minds. We are top management strategy consultants, moderators, trainers, and coaches all at the same time. “With bright minds and open hearts, we shape change with clients who really mean it.”

Traditional strategy consulting offers “rent a brain”. That no longer meets the current challenges of businesses. A big part of the Knowledge and methods applied in strategy consulting is already known to businesses.

The real challenge is putting good theoretical ideas into practice and reeeally changing the behavior and mindsets of managers and employees.

It is important to always combine the business and change parts in order to be reeeally effective. We call this consulting 2.0. This also means that we create transformational, long-term partnerships designed for the client’s development.


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Take off at Timmermann Partners

Take off at Timmermann Partners

Shaping change together and growing personally

In order to reach our goals we constantly look for warm, intelligent, hard-working people who want to enrich our team. You can become a member of our inspiring team. This is an invitation to shape sustainable change processes with us helping our clients to grow and prosper.

In our team, you will be part of an intensive learning community. We all constantly grow on a professional and personal level su

Get to know our team

54 people and a squirrel who all dedicate their warm-heartedness and intellect to consulting 2.0

Michael Timmermann

Founder & CEO, Agile Coach

Rainer Basler

Associate Partner

Dr. Axel Sinner

Associate Partner

Dr. Heiko Müller

COO & Senior Consultant

Thilo Mutter

Creative Director Timmermann Change Communication (Expert)

Ralph Schmidt

Associate Partner, Agile Coach (Expert)

Sebastian Hertlein

Product Owner

Sepp Baumeister

Head of Communication Creation

Anna-Carla Ostmeier

Project Leader, Agile Coach

Dominik Steinbeißer

Project Leader, Agile Coach

Paul Sörgel

Associate Project Leader, Agile Coach

Dr. Johannes Landsperger

Associate Project Leader

Regina Mang

Associate Project Leader, Agile Coach

Mariola Wittek Mourao

Associate Project Leader, Agile Coach (Expert)

Prof. Dr. Jonas Polfuß


Anja Spechtner

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach

Veronika Pfaffenzeller

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach (Maternity Leave)

Lukas Bargel

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach

Teresa Tänzer

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach

Christian Alt

Senior Consultant (Expert)

Simon Quast

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach

Marina Weber

Coach & Feel good Manager

Matthias Fligge

Consultant, Agile Coach

Sofie Bayer


Monika Schwärzler

Junior Consultant

Clara Neuhauser

Junior Consultant

Katharina Kirschner

Junior Consultant

Andreas Dowids

Junior Consultant

Sina Schumacher

Junior Consultant

Stefan Kießling

Junior Consultant

Florian Hehz

Junior Consultant

Dagmar Kirchner

Head of Marketing and Sales

Nicolas Kainz

Marketing Specialist

Constanze von Heckel

Content Specialist

Irma Lüling

Marketing Intern

Barbara Mahlmann

Head of HR

Sophie Petershagen

HR Specialist

Sladana Milincic

HR Specialist

Renate Kaiphas Bonk

Assistant to Michael Timmermann & Head of Assistant Team

Carmen Möller

Team Assistant

Kathrin Hackl

Assistant (in Training)

Nelly Kuisseu

Assistant (in Training)

Sneshana Lewin

Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Laelia Platzer

Marketing (Maternity Leave)

Viviana Siedler

Senior HR Specialist (Maternity Leave)

Chiara Richardt

Working Student

Alina Liefermann

Working Student

Annika Holweg

Working Student

Pia Vahle

Working Student

Helena Sabic

Working Student

Sarah Wegscheider

Working Student

Lisa Hartje

Working Student

Tamara Fernando

Working Student

Leonie Gugler

Working Student


Senior Nutcracker

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