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Specialist project support

  1. Specialist project support
  2. Using change management for specialist projects
  3. Why Timmermann for technical project support?

1. Specialist project support

Have you ever encountered a technical project that hit a roadblock, despite having a solid technical solution in place? For instance, if your team struggled to...

  • consistently utilize the newly implemented IT system
  • fully embrace the new processes
  • adapt to their roles effectively within the new organizational structure.

The principle is universal: sometimes employees may not fully embrace the required attitudes and behaviors. This could be due to oversight in determining the specific changes needed in response to technical advancements. Research shows that with the right support, many change projects can avoid failure.

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2. Use change management for specialist projects

For effective change processes, it's important to incorporate change management in two key ways:

  • Consider the change aspect from the beginning, such as designing participatory processes accordingly and initiating test phases early on
  • Offer effective support during the implementation phase.

To ensure that the new technical solutions are fully embraced and truly understood, it's essential to engage the future "users" in the planning phase from the get-go. Participation doesn't mean a democracy of opinions. Instead, clear guidelines should be established, allowing managers and employees to contribute to the process within defined boundaries. It's not about meeting every wish, but rather improving decisions by seeking input from more individuals. If involving people enhances the chances of successful implementation, then participation is indeed valuable. Otherwise, individuals may come up with seemingly better solutions without considering their drawbacks.

An effective implementation guides individuals through their personal journey of understanding, internalizing, and embracing the required behaviors and attitudes.

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Some helpful measures for optimizing processes include:

  • communication strategy. It guarantees that pertinent information is delivered to the appropriate audiences at the perfect timing. Additionally, it takes into consideration the emotions and requirements of both employees and managers
  • training sessions will involve interactive process simulations, allowing participants to actively engage in and experience the new processes firsthand
  • sharing success stories that showcase the tangible benefits of the new processes
  • Quick pitstop workshops are held to gather experiences on the processes and continuously enhance them.

 3. Why Timmermann for specialist project support?

We not only have extensive experience as change facilitators but also as classically trained management consultants. This allows us to successfully manage complex projects that encompass all 4 change levers, even in large organizations. Additionally, we offer support to our clients in strategic and technical matters, providing content expertise and guiding participative processes as needed.


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