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Informing is not everything

Who hasn't encountered (multiple times) the frustration of seeing crucial, timely change initiatives fizzle out because participants viewed themselves as passive recipients rather than active agents of change? Because they failed to perceive the transformation as their personal narrative?

If you want to change something, you have to reach people rationally and emotionally.

Of course, Timmermann has always accompanied people in change processes in a communicative way, but we noticed: If we did the communication ourselves, we lacked the know-how to create outstanding campaigns. And when we worked with agencies, they simply didn't understand change.

Our solution? Bring all the necessary know-how together under one roof. That's why Timmermann Change Communication is made up of communications agency professionals with decades of experience as creative directors of large agencies. As Sepp Baumeister puts it: "For decades, I used my communications knowledge to sell - now I no longer communicate to sell, but to change."

The mission of Timmermann Change Communication: "We help people to understand, internalize and live change together."

Change communication

  1. What is change communication?
  2. Change communication as a success factor for change change management
  3. Strategic change communication concept
  4. What makes Timmermann special in change communication?

1. What is change communication?

Change management has always had a communication component. But change communication starts somewhere else. Instead of just informing people about change, change communication turns people into storytellers and co-tellers who are part of a shared story. It systematically uses knowledge from the world of communication and also advertising to really reach people in a creative way, both rationally and emotionally.

2. Change communication as a success factor for change management

The Timmermann Group goes beyond traditional change management consultancy. We quickly discovered the power of effective change communication: During challenging times, it can inspire, engage, and empower individuals to take ownership of their actions, rather than feeling like helpless victims. By delving deep into complex issues, it allows for better understanding and meaningful experiences.

Change Communication

3. Strategic change communication concept

A strategic communication concept provides the framework for change communication. We develop it together with you in 5 steps:

  • Define the goals you want to achieve with change communication
  • Structure the target groups that should be addressed with different change communication content
  • Define concrete and coordinated content, including an easy-to-understand and compelling change story and important key messages
  • Define direct and indirect communication channels, such as inspirational speeches, humorous postcards, and success story videos, as part of a communication idea, the basis for the campaign
  • Design a timeline for the change communication activities

4. What makes Timmermann special in change communication?

We believe that every change comes with its own story. Different perspectives emerge - from management to employees, potentially impacted individuals, and even future candidates and external onlookers. To avoid conflicting perceptions, it's crucial to identify and shape a shared narrative. We refer to this as the change story.

The goal of the change story is to make the necessity of the change clear to all employees and managers, to motivate and carry them along, and to provide orientation. All communication, from the CEO's speech to the invitation to the summer party, is then based on this change story.

This means that we design both the understanding of the reasons for the change and the practical communication in such a way that they are in harmony with the emotional communication and invite people to embrace the change story.

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