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  1. Demands on managers are increasing
  2. Why leadership development is so important, especially in top management
  3. Your Topteam Journey with Timmermann
  4. Leadership development programs from Timmermann - individual, modern, effective

1. Demands on managers are increasing

The demands on managers are increasing and changing faster and faster. Agile leadership - how does it really work? Do we need management or leadership, or both - and from whom exactly? How can managers cope with the increasing complexity of our working world due to constant new technologies? We draw on our wealth of experience in leadership development to find answers to these questions with you.

2. Why leadership development is so important, especially in top management

Do you know the expression "the fish stinks from the head"? We like to say, "the fish grows from the head". If a management team is not functioning properly, how is the organization supposed to function? The non-functioning starts with the fact that most management teams do not realize that they are a group rather than a team. In reality, a group of executives usually comprises experienced, intelligent, successful, and sometimes self-absorbed winners. It is not uncommon for the individual members of the board, executive team, or top management to also be (or perceived to be) in competition with each other. And finally, executives' calendars barely allow them to deal with so-called "soft" issues, such as their own teamwork.  Ultimately, this will have an immense impact on their performance, and that of the entire organization. A management team that trusts each other, resolves conflicts quickly, takes responsibility, demonstrates leadership by example, solves problems together, learns from each other and makes use of its individual strengths gives an organization great strength. We know from experience that organizations with a well-functioning top team change and adapt much faster and better, and are therefore more successful in the market. 

So even if you think your top team is already good, there is always room for improvement! It's a work in progress.

Was ist gute Fuehrung


3. Your Topteam Journey with Timmermann

Trust, unity, speed, creativity: The success of most organizations or units depends on their leadership teams. So why not take the most effective course of action we know, and start your Topteam Journey as a leadership team with us?

Increase your efficiency by "moving closer together."

Top teams often do not optimally combine their members' competencies. This is somewhat due to friction losses caused by a variety of characters who "tick" differently from each other. On the Timmermann Topteam Journey, they get to know themselves and each other more deeply, in a protected setting. They learn to recognize and develop patterns and dynamics, and to make their decision-making processes more efficient by developing an appreciative and direct way of dealing with each other, i.e. by becoming more attentive, contactful and direct. In this way, they learn more together and from each other, continually developing, instead of thinking that they can already do everything required of them.

Your progress is catching.

After 6-9 months on your Topteam Journey, you will design decision-making processes faster and with better results, fully contribute your individual potentials, resolve conflicts better and develop a positive atmosphere in the organization: More trust leads to less hedging and more space for the things that really count. The organization becomes more efficient, yet calmer at the same time. With a wider distribution of responsibility, issues are addressed more independently, thus increasing output. A stronger sense of togetherness increases commitment, which reduces absenteeism and fluctuation, among other things.

Experience appreciative directness with us.

 As coaches, trainers, facilitators and consultants, we bring our creativity, warmth and concentrated expertise into your organization. Benefit from our simultaneously appreciative and direct interaction at eye level, our unusually large and high-quality methodological repertoire, and team trainers who are among the best in their field. Our founder and CEO, Michael Timmermann, is well-known for this. Find him on LinkedIn here

For a Topteam Journey to succeed, top management should engage in a true leadership development process. Thus, the investment of time is one of the best an organization can make. This means intensive work on team collaboration over a period of approx. 6 months, with selective interventions, including leadership skills. While some leaders are not ready to fully engage in such a process right at the beginning, don't worry - they quickly get a feel for it as time goes on.

Often a Topteam Journey becomes the starting point of a change process, e.g. a serious and successful culture shift in the whole organization. 

And what do our clients have to say about it? For example, this: "I have to tell you guys: Thank you! You really moved us forward as an executive team. We felt inspired and in good hands." - Torsten Thiele, CEO, Deutsche Bahn Immobilien

4. Executive development programs by Timmermann - individual, modern, effective

We can do more than just Topteam Journeys. As the Timmermann Group, we have assisted numerous clients from various industries in developing new leadership development programs, dusting off old seminar programs and establishing a new way of learning. We work with our clients to create the right leadership development program for them, both in terms of content and methodology. Regarding the latter, we rely on the following principles, among others:

  • We modularize executive development so that executives can develop in a targeted and individual manner in line with their needs.
  • We make use of digital opportunities, e.g. by using the ChApp, our change and learning app, which provides intensive digital support for learning.
  • We enable self-directed learning and thus promote the assumption of responsibility for one's own learning progress
  • We use motivational techniques, e.g. gamification 
  • We build learning communities that develop together and also support each other's learning processes outside of their learning modules
  • We anchor what we have learned in the long term by facilitating experiential learning and reflecting on learning progress in development dialogs at eye level.

In terms of content, we individualize your leadership development based on your real needs - to be fit for what lies ahead. Therefore, we take a look into the future with you to jointly determine what your executives need to learn in order to fulfil the vision of your organization. The result of such an analysis and conception might look like this - a learning kit for executives, that we developed for a client:

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