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  4. We have a great new office - now what?


Consider the concept of New Work for a moment. What springs to mind? Perhaps new digital tools? Video conferencing? Remote work? Maybe even the idea of offices becoming obsolete? During the pandemic, we witnessed the effectiveness of working from home, sometimes even surpassing that of working from the office.

So will offices be superfluous in the future? We don't think so. What is true, however, is that offices should not simply remain as they are. The change to a new form of work requires a change in the space where this work is to take place.

new work - so ein new work büro



The office of the future offers versatile spaces designed according to different activities. Instead of fixed workstations, employees can easily transition between rooms based on their current focus, whether it's work, collaboration, idea sharing, or similar. This dynamic approach not only allows for flexibility but also promotes regeneration, teamwork, communication, and interaction. While dedicated focus areas and spaces for individual work still exist, their overall presence is reduced.

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Furthermore, offices are now being intentionally crafted to make a specific impact. Here are a few examples of the design possibilities:

Services - Architecture & Design  - new work design optionsn

Kurzum: Büros werden stärker zu einem Ausdruck der eigenen Zielkultur, die gefördert werden soll und wird mehr auf Zusammenarbeit, Kollaboration und die Beweglichkeit der Mitarbeitenden setzen.

2. How we design and build offices - creating Timmerland

The new way of designing offices is exciting and offers many possibilities. However, when it comes to the concrete elaboration and implementation, the task can seem overwhelming. Not too long ago, we faced this challenge ourselves. From a bare concrete slab, we needed to build our new office space that would best support our employees' needs while reflecting our unique culture.
A challenge that we solved.

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Comments from our employees: "Wow, this is even more beautiful than I imagined," "This is really great here.
Comments from external visitors: "I'd like to work here, too," "I've never seen anything like this before, it's really something special.
This success was made possible because we thought of the project as a whole from the very beginning. While we were still developing the construction plan and design concept, we asked the employees about their needs in the new office through targeted involvement and began researching suitable furniture.

marina teppichkreise am bodenmichael bauplan

The structural implementation had already started, while finer details of the design and equipment concept were still being worked out. Constant communication to the employees was important, even when things were not yet fixed.
There was a lot to coordinate in a structured way. Furniture deliveries had to be coordinated with the opening date, craftsmen, artists and construction companies had to be coordinated, technology had to be set up and tested, errors had to be identified and eliminated. Our many years of expertise in New Work architecture and project management were essential.

mosaik kreis bearbeitungbau der arenamosaik leiter wand

3. What we can do for you

If you take the claim of New Work seriously and want to design office space that not only gives employees space to work, but also supports and inspires them at work, creates closeness and results, you need support from an architectural firm that specializes in New Work and has an interdisciplinary team of architects, New Work experts, and change experts.

We are happy to accompany you with this unique team from the design phase to the completion of the structural implementation. You will benefit from our expertise in current trends, our deep understanding of organizational culture and New Work, and our broad experience in space concept development and implementation.

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Whether it's choosing the right colors for the interiors, sourcing the right furniture for the right rooms, drawing up the building plan or coordinating the structural implementation; we support you creatively and in a structured way and with the necessary spontaneity and a touch of humor (which you need during any structural implementation).

4. We have a great new office - now what?

Once the construction of the office is complete, however, the work is not over. The employees have to adjust to a new way of working. Many things suddenly work differently. Questions like: "That's nice, but how exactly do I use these great opportunities now? I don't really know the New Work methods" come up. If you want to reap the rewards of your hard work, you now have to make sure that employees actually use the office the way it was intended. Change support and New Work know-how are essential for this. We support our clients in reaching employees with all 4 change levers.

Services - Architecture & Design - 4 change lever

To this end, we help, for example, with training on the new office space, on new work and agility, with moderated processes for the development of team labels, and develop communication campaigns that bring the change to employees in a rational and emotional way.

Services - Architecture & Design - New work Introduction of work-based space concept

When introducing new room concepts, it ultimately comes down to a well-rounded overall package. The design must fit the philosophy and needs of the organization, and the communication and introduction of the new work concept must be aligned with this and really support the employees. Only then will office space become inspirational space that offers real added value for the organization and its employees.
If you would like to experience a sample result of our methods for yourself, come and visit us in our office in Munich-Bogenhausen.

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