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The idea

Our goal at Timmermann Digital is to use technology to shift mindsets and behaviors. The idea sparked from questions like, 'How can we effectively reach our 2000 employees?' 'Is it possible to scale change with limited resources?' 'Can you provide digital change support services?' Clients often inquire about cost-effective solutions with a wide impact, while others doubted the possibility of scaling change. This motivated us to develop the Timmermann ChApp, a change app designed to simplify and effectively convey deep knowledge for practical application in daily life.

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Bring positive transformation to your entire organization - with the ChApp

Personnel development plays a crucial role in driving change processes, as employees play a key role in the success of transformations by shaping their attitudes and behaviors. The ChApp delivers essential change knowledge to your employees through engaging audiovisual learning modules, making learning convenient and accessible. Select from our wide range of e-learning resources to facilitate and expand your change initiatives. Whether in a large organization or a small one, reaching and engaging all employees in the change process is made effortless with the ChApp. Our tailored content fosters a positive and optimistic environment among your workforce. Additionally, you have the option to customize the ChApp with your own content, further enhancing the learning experience for your employees.

Get to know our award-winning change management app in the short film!

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Here's how the ChApp can assist with personnel development during your change process

Here are the features that the e-learning platform provides to assist with your company's change process:

  • A variety of personnel development modules to choose from such as: leadership, change, agility, teamwork, New Work and many more
  • Engaging audiovisual content lasting just 3 minutes, providing concise knowledge, ideas, and inspiration. Users can enhance their skills with free courses, complete final tests, and earn official certificates, benefiting both personal development and organizational growth
  • Gamification: Engage in friendly competition with other users in the ChApp duel to reinforce your learning. Progress through levels as you complete challenges, earning points along the way. These fun elements boost motivation to keep learning and growing
  • Your employees and managers casually discuss reflection questions based on the content provided. Additionally, small challenges prompt the application of newly acquired knowledge in their day-to-day work.

Making Change Management Easy

"We make change easy." This is why the ChApp is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. You have the option to seamlessly incorporate your own learning materials into the ChApp, or let us develop personalized content for you. You can also select from our range of engaging content that resonates with you. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to upload your own content to the ChApp.

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News and Change News

This page provides a quick overview of all relevant updates. You'll find new content, ongoing challenges, responses to forum posts, and updates on posts you're following. As an organization, you have the option to share news with all employees, either permanently or for a limited time. This could include details on upcoming training sessions or photos from the latest change workshop.

Microlearning und Blended Learning

Audiovisual inputs convey complex knowledge very simply in three minutes
Check questions, with which users can check whether they have understood the content of an input
Exchange questions promote reflection on what has been learned across hierarchies and departments 
Challenges help transfer what has been learned into practice

If you wish, you can also make your own content available to your employees in the ChApp.

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Intra-organizational social network

ChApp users within the organization are conveniently listed in a contact directory, eliminating the need for sending "friend requests". They can utilize a messaging feature to discuss change-related topics. Additionally, designated chat rooms can be set up for specific user groups such as change agents or department heads. All important data and messages are securely encrypted and transmitted through servers located in Germany.

My profile

Users can personalize their profile page by uploading a profile photo and tracking their own learning progress. In addition, they can easily access their contacts and see which level they are currently at.

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Courses and certificates

Courses provide users with a structured learning journey filled with engaging lessons and a final assessment. Upon successfully finishing a course, users will be awarded a certificate from the Timmermann Academy, which can be accessed online or offline (and easily printed). From "Change Agent" to "Scrum Master" to "Transformational Leader," our courses offer a wide range of certificates to choose from.

Elevate your workforce development today

We create a personalized community for your team, customizing the design to match your company's branding - from colors to your logo. This creates a seamless experience for all employees, making them feel like they are using an internal app and allowing them to easily apply what they've learned to their work. If you prefer, we can also keep everything in the Timmermann design. Whether you choose to host on our servers or yours, the ChApp can become your go-to microlearning tool to drive impactful change! Interested in a no-obligation demo of the ChApp? Just shoot us an email at chapp@timmermannpartners.com.

Comments from the Stevie Award jury

With the ChApp, I always have valuable support and new (thinking) approaches "in my pocket" in everyday change and can call them up in short sequences with little effort.

Change management with levelling competition, mutual exchange and reflection: It's like an online game in which you want to reach the next level and have to complete tasks along the way. That's how learning works, too!

Great app that covers all facets and also awakens the employees' playful instinct.

Curious to find out more about the ChApp?

For the best results, the ChApp should be part of your entire change process. Your organization can acquire entitlements to make this happen. To ensure that the ChApp meets your needs, we are offering a time-limited trial. Just fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch soon.

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