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Performance Transformation

  1. Starting point 
  2. How to break the vicious circle
  3. How we help you through performance transformations

1. Starting point 

Many companies often find themselves in a challenging situation where business results may not be as expected, leading to feelings of being overworked. With limited time to focus on important but not urgent matters, areas such as strategy, leadership, and teamwork can take a backseat as everyone rushes to handle urgent issues. This can cause valuable team members to leave due to feeling overwhelmed or underutilized, ultimately impacting the company's overall performance. As a result, issues can accumulate, and stress can become widespread.

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2. How to break the vicious circle

  1. Stay focused! The aim of a performance transformation is to optimize the efficient use of everyone's time by eliminating unnecessary tasks. This involves empowering managers to prioritize effectively and delegate responsibilities

  2. To make the most of your efforts, it's crucial to strategically prioritize and streamline specific aspects. By dedicating the appropriate time and resources to understanding the basics, nurturing teamwork, and improving skills, you can achieve quicker and more significant results while minimizing chaos and distractions

  3. To achieve this, a good Performance Transformation uses all 4 change levers simultaneously: 

    Clear, inspiring decisions and a mission statement that sparks motivation in your team;

    Developing practical skills on real challenges paves the way for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness;

    Visible leadership reflection and a shift away from firefighting culture encourage a fresh approach to work;

    Well-defined processes and project decisions establish clarity, order, and efficiency.

3. How we help you through performance transformations 

We leverage our expertise as market leader in blending change and strategy to assist you. With a comprehensive approach, we are adaptable and responsive in delivering lasting performance improvements, whether addressing numerical challenges, team dynamics, leadership concerns, or business area adjustments. We guide you in prioritizing tasks and delegating responsibilities, establishing efficient and stable processes, ideally incorporating agile project and portfolio management, and optimizing processes and structures.

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We blend the viewpoints of top management (such as clear decision-making templates) with the operational needs (like involving teams with specific ideas to enhance their projects and guiding them through the process).

We delve into our treasure trove of industry insights - both big and small - to speed up projects and deliver quick, impactful results. For instance, we tackle interface challenges head-on from the get-go by hosting lively cross-functional workshops. We seamlessly blend skill development with tangible, practical outcomes in our interactive "live object" sessions. Our strategic approach, based on hypothesis-driven thinking and practical metrics, guides you smoothly through the sea of information. Plus, our flexibility allows us to effortlessly shift between providing CEO support and offering hands-on help to your teams in their daily activities.