Agile Coaching & Consulting

  1. Agile coaching for mindset and structures
  2. Consulting for managers and employees

1. Agile coaching for mindset and structures

Agility plays a vital role in today's working environment. Numerous companies are eager to transition from traditional work methods and corporate culture to prioritize customer needs, flexibility, and quicker time-to-market to thrive in their industries in the long term.

During the transition from a traditional company/team setup to an agile organization, it is essential to focus on changing processes and structures. We are here to assist you with fundamental questions like "big bang or iterative approach" and to design interfaces between agile and non-agile areas in detail. Together, we establish a solid foundation for your Agile transformation, creating what we call an "Agile Backbone."

However, in order to successfully achieve the goals of agile transformation, it is crucial to also focus on developing soft factors such as corporate values, guidelines, mindset, and behavior of all individuals involved. We are committed to supporting you comprehensively in all aspects to ensure a functional, trustworthy, and sustainable transition to agility. This includes adapting the physical work environment to align with the principles of agile transformation. Our dedicated team at Timmermann Architecture & Design is well-equipped to tackle this challenge with expertise and precision.

As Agile Coaches and Agile Consultants certified in various frameworks (e.g. SAFe®), we advise you on the selection and adaptation of suitable agile frameworks and agile methods as well as their implementation. In the transition phase of the transformation, we combine agile work processes with the strengths of a more classic project management concept.  

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As change consultants and trainers, we support you in anchoring agile values and principles in your corporate culture and the mindset of everyone involved. In this way, we lay the foundation for profound and sustainable agile change.

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2. Consulting for managers and employees

In any transformation process, it's important to provide individualized support and guidance to those involved in the agile shift. Managers hold crucial roles in implementing new processes, methods, values, and principles. We offer tailored support to executives as they navigate their new responsibilities within an agile framework. This includes self-reflection on leadership roles, adapting to changing tasks and duties, and gaining expertise in agile practices. Our support options range from personalized coaching and training sessions to immersive workshops on defining (leadership) mission statements and fostering team development.

Agile Coaching & Consulting  - Counselling for managers and employees

Employees also require close support and guidance throughout the transformation process and in adapting to the new agile work environment. For instance, we conduct "What does this mean for me" workshops to simplify the impact of agile transformation into specific tasks, work conditions, and necessary behavioral changes, making the transition understandable for all involved. Furthermore, we address skill gaps with workshops on agile basics, alleviating any fears or concerns related to transitioning to agile practices and preparing employees for their updated work environment. We provide tailored development and assistance for employees taking on agile roles, such as product owners and scrum masters, through role-specific workshops, on-the-job guidance on agile methods, 1:1 coaching, and support.

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