Human Resources Development

  1. How does modern personnel development work?
  2. Personnel development and change management
  3. Who is responsible for personnel development?
  4. This is how we help: Mastering change with the right personnel development measures for you

1. How does modern personnel development work?

In addition to strategically planning and selecting the right personnel, personnel development encompasses a comprehensive range of measures designed to enhance and advance the skills and qualifications of individuals through training and further education.

You're probably already familiar with this concept. The truly intriguing question is: What sets modern personnel development apart? At Timmermann, our mission is to continuously enhance the way individuals learn and grow, both individually and collectively. This involves incorporating these principles into our collaborative approach to designing personnel development initiatives with our clients:

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2. Personnel development and change management

Personnel development plays an important role in change processes. Because only those who CAN change will change.

As psychologists, trainers, coaches, and learning facilitators, we possess the skill to craft personnel development strategies that drive meaningful change. When you choose to collaborate with us, we take the time to thoroughly assess the current abilities of your employees and managers, as well as envision their future capabilities. Drawing from this analysis and your past personnel development initiatives, we then design a forward-thinking personnel development plan. Naturally, we work closely with your HR experts to tailor these development measures and programs to align with your organization's unique content and methodology. We are more than just trainers who empower your staff - we also excel at designing HR development measures, offering consulting services to your HR team, translating strategies and visions into HR development needs, and providing unwavering support in the implementation of a sustainable HR strategy.

Change Management Personalentwicklung

3. Who is responsible for personnel development?

Personnel development in companies is often perceived as the responsibility of the HR department. However, it is important to recognize that personnel development is not only a task of HR but also a strategic and management responsibility. It is strategic because the success of your organization's strategy relies on individuals possessing the necessary competencies to truly embody and execute the strategy. Additionally, coaching and providing learning support to employees is a leadership duty that extends to both daily interactions and regular development dialogs.

We are your competent personnel development partner for:

  • HR or personnel developers
  • Strategy department and top management
  • Executives

Personalentwicklung in Change Prozessen

4. How we help: Mastering change with the right HR development measures for you

"With bright minds and open hearts, we shape change with clients who reeeally mean it." Our credo guides us throughout our work in driving change, even as we revamp and modernize the HR development of our clients. We collaborate with managers and employees from various departments, including HR, PE, and strategy, to tailor HR development measures that perfectly align with your unique needs during times of change. We believe that HR development should go beyond mere seminar programs. That's why we take a holistic approach to personnel development, incorporating a range of measures, such as:

  • Our certified change management training "Living Change"
  • Our digital microlearning tool: ChApp (Timmermann Change App) for cost-efficient training of your employees, e.g. in agility, change basics etc.
  • Design of digital learning worlds and learning experiences, e.g. using Conceptboard, SharePoint, Mentimeter, Kahoot, etc.
  • Implementation of real development dialogs at eye level between manager and employee (instead of blunt target agreement discussions)
  • Trustworthy and effective (team) coaching sessions
  • Team development
  • Large group events
  • Change communication around new personnel development needs and offers (strategy, campaign creation, operative communication implementation)

So why should you choose to partner with us? The answer is simple: because we are passionate about learning! At Timmermann, we don't just offer our expertise and qualifications, we also foster a community of learning. We believe in supporting one another on a lifelong journey of growth and development. Our environment is built on psychological safety, allowing us to embrace mistakes and learn from them together. We value giving each other constructive feedback that is full of appreciation. While we may not have achieved perfection yet, we are committed to constantly improving and taking learning seriously.