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Junior Consultant - Change Management Internship

Junior Consultants are the analysts, event scriptwriters, crazy-idea developers and PowerPoint wizards who make an important contribution to our work every day, and learn an enormous amount at the same time.

Your client tasks as Junior Consultant (m/f/d)

During your (usually) 6-month internship, you will be permanently assigned to at least one client or project, so that you become part of a team. From problem-solving sessions with consultants and project managers to working on boardroom concepts and the logistical preparation of large group events for hundreds of people, your tasks will be challenging and enriching.

Deploy your entire intellect and social skills with us and learn about new psychological and business methods. You will work for interesting clients like Siemens, Novartis, KfW, Caritas, BOSCH - and also medium-sized companies like Toll Collect.

Your in-house tasks at Timmermann

Alongside client work, you will support consultants and project managers who are responsible for internal projects during your change management internship in Munich. This includes, for example, the further development of our knowledge management base, or our sales process.

Working closely with consultants and project managers will ensure you learn very quickly in your internship, both personally and professionally; they will provide you with continuous feedback that is appreciative, direct and concrete, as well as tangibly showing you how you can improve your work results and processes. At the same time, you will also take on the role of moderator in various internal formats, e.g. organizing a Lunch & Learn.

Your start as an intern in Change Management

You will notice that we're not a conventional consulting firm on your very first day - nor do we offer a conventional internship. Little things like the welcome breakfast, "instruction manual about me", and iDares (self-selected learning challenges) are just some of the things that make the change management internship with us special, and create a really warm and open atmosphere right from the beginning. In the following video, you can see how a Timmermann Junior Consultant's day might look:

Tagesablauf eines Junior Consultants

Corine Wollinger (Junior Consultant with us):

Personal growth, meaningfulness and finding orientation were the most important criteria for my choice of internship. I am very happy to have chosen an internship at Timmermann. I learned so many really relevant things and had a lot of fun at the same time.

We are always looking for warm-hearted, intelligent, performance-motivated people to support us as Junior Consultants. We look forward to receiving your application at recruiting@timmermannpartners.com

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(Senior) Consultant 

As a (Senior) Consultant, you will be firmly integrated into project teams and will apply your analytical and conceptual skills. This includes developing and implementing concepts in collaboration with experienced colleagues.

Your client tasks 

For example, you develop unusual communication formats such as comics, analyze current business challenges, or help prepare a board meeting or team training. Wherever possible, you will be involved in the delivery on site and play an active role, e.g. as a co-moderator. As a (Senior) Consultant, you will be on the road one to two days a week on average. As a rule, you will support large and medium-sized companies such as Siemens, Novartis, KfW, Caritas, BOSCH and Toll Collect.

Your in-house tasks at Timmermann

At the same time, you have responsibility for internal projects such as the further development of our client relationship management. Together with your colleagues, you create proposals that are actually preliminary concepts for client projects.

As a (senior) consultant, you almost always have a project manager as a direct contact person who can help you with virtually everything. You will have a leadership role for junior consultants (interns) at an early stage. This also means that you give them a lot of appreciative, direct and helpful feedback.

Your start with us

University graduates join us as consultants and some young professionals as senior consultants. You will receive comprehensive support. This includes learning the consulting tools such as structured problem solving, storylining and slide design in depth, and building up special change management skills.

Luisa Berger:

As a consultant, I enjoy a wide variety of tasks. I am often up front, for example, working 1-to-1 with clients and designing and co-facilitating workshops and training courses. At the same time, I can "dig deep" into analytical or conceptual problems and lead junior consultants. This is a very enriching combination - in which I am supported, for example, by sparring with colleagues.

We are always looking for warm-hearted, intelligent, performance-motivated people to support us as (Senior) Consultants. We look forward to receiving your application at recruiting@timmermannpartners.com

Project Leader

Project Leader 

As a Project Leader, you are the conductor of the orchestra. You are the one who pulls all the strings.

Your client tasks 

You think ahead in terms of content and know the business and change challenges of your clients in depth. At the same time, you enjoy shaping unstable situations and creating sustainable value through training, analysis, workshop facilitation or coaching. You consider "What does the client really need right now?" and "What dramaturgy is appropriate for this meeting?" and then brief your (Senior) Consultants and (Associate) Partner in order to prepare the delivery in the best possible way. On average, you will spend 1-2 days per week at the client's site (less than the habitual 3-4 days at traditional consultancies). As a rule, you support clients at large and medium-sized companies (e.g. Siemens, Novartis, KfW, Caritas, BOSCH and Toll Collect).

Your in-house tasks at Timmermann

For many, (Associate) Project Leader is one of the most fulfilling team roles. You develop, coach and mentor your team members to prepare them for the next level.

In addition to delivering to the client, you will be an internal* co-entrepreneur. If you become a member of our leadership team, you will participate in its meetings, make leadership decisions as a potential team leader and work on important internal projects to continue Timmermann's success story.

Your start with us

When you join us, you will receive onboarding as well as continuous input and sparring from our (Associate) Partners to rapidly build your change knowledge and skills. As you already bring project management experience with you when you join us, you will quickly become effective with the client.

Lukas Bargel:

So far, I have developed at Timmermann from Junior Consultant to Project Leader. In my current role, I enjoy passing on insights and experiences to project team members. And I receive a lot of gratitude in return. I can also take on responsibility with great autonomy, for example when I make recommendations to clients in the consulting role and it really helps them. That feels good.

We are always looking for warm, intelligent, performance-motivated people to join us as Project Leaders. We look forward to receiving your application at recruiting@timmermannpartners.com

Deniz B1 1443 Final

(Associate) Partner 

As an (Associate) Partner, you'll be at the top, but also at the bottom of the mountain. Among other things, you'll act as a guide and trailblazer for our clients' success and for our own. On the other hand, you are constantly involved in operations - hovering above things is not an option. You are a role model in learning, not a role model who can already do things.

Your client tasks

You accompany large and medium-sized companies, e.g. Siemens, Novartis, KfW, Caritas, BOSCH and Toll Collect, in content-related and human change processes with heart and mind, and usually at a high or top level. That is where real change generally starts. Leadership development and sparring play an important role. Not infrequently, personally fulfilling and enriching relationships develop on both sides. For example, when you rethink the strategy for a company - and how it can be implemented - during an evening lake walk with a top executive. You'll be at the client's site 1-2 times per week on average.

Your in-house tasks at Timmermann

As an (Associate) Partner, you are also a (co-)entrepreneur at Timmermann itself. That means you help develop the company's strategy and achieve sales success based on good leads. This is how you build something in the long term.

As an (Associate) Partner you will become a pillar in our growing and dynamic community. In our team, you will continuously develop inspired and inspiring team members. You will contribute your whole personality in an open and appreciative atmosphere and at the same time be hungry to learn, professionally and on a personal level. Not only intellectually-philosophically, but also practically and emotionally-socially.

Your start with us

It is a special challenge on several levels to be an (Associate) Partner at Timmermann. It is important to learn the specifics of the Timmermann consulting approach to be able to radiate, use and pass on the philosophy and methods yourself.

We respect and appreciate that you are very capable and that you have achieved a lot in your life. We actively encourage you to contribute this experience and competence. At the same time, It is important to us that you embark on a real learning journey and develop further in all openness and humility (which comes from true self-confidence).

Michael Timmermann:

At Timmermann, I belong to and lead a community which provides a combination that suits me: I advise and support my clients with both contextual and "soft" topics, and am assisted and complemented by a strong team. I add my own warmth, knowledge, experience and energy to advance our company and my colleagues - and I get it back. I am constantly learning, and feel more effective than ever before. I have arrived.

We are always looking for warm-hearted, intelligent, performance-motivated people to support us as Associate Partners. We look forward to receiving your application at recruiting@timmermannpartners.com

Our development program

Transformational culture

Timmermann's key development offering is our transformational culture, in which we strive to live by the values we communicate to our clients, e.g. appreciative directness within a learning community. The option of coaching is an important tool; our employees with coaching qualifications are also available for this purpose.

High-quality training

We encourage our consultants who have not yet completed a coaching qualification to do so in the course of their development at Timmermann. We also support them financially, and work with renowned training institutes for this purpose.

In addition, colleagues without extensive change consulting experience can take part in our "Living Change" program and qualify as Change Management Professionals. This practice-oriented course contains the best of our rich experience of what needs to be learned about change.

Your ticket to job security

Become a "rock star" at Timmermann. Interns who impress us with their performance get a permanent job offer, which means they can finish their studies pressure-free.