Application process


Screening your documents

Tell us exactly why you want to join us. And include the documents that authentically demonstrate your fit to us and our requirements. Among other things, we pay attention to the following:

  • Relevant work experience
  • Touch points with management consulting, change management, agile and related topics
  • Previous accomplishments, including in areas of expertise outside the one to which you are applying 
  • Commitments (including social) and interest in strangers
  • Educational background
  • Personal touch: We want to get a feel for you as a person from your application

Teams call/telephone interview

'Paper is patient, a voice is alive'. During our telephone interview, we strive to address key questions and learn more about your drive and character. We gain insight into your organized methodology and knowledge.


Interview with case study

This interview usually takes place virtually, but you are also welcome to visit us in Munich if you live nearby. One of our consultants will take the time to talk to you, above and beyond the professional aspects. We want to understand who you are. And finally, we want to see how you think. We present you with a case that represents a typical project that the job you are applying for might involve. And you'll show us how you analyze topics and develop concepts during the interview.

Tip: We recommend checking out some helpful resources on how to excel in case studies for job applications.


Experience day (applicants for  consultant position or higher)

If you're applying for a consultant role or higher, you have the opportunity to spend a day working alongside us on a project, either internally or externally. You'll be actively engaged, providing and receiving appreciative feedback, and gaining valuable insights into our daily work. This experience allows you to envision what working with us would be like, and it gives us a hands-on impression of you.

The final part of the taster session is a walk with one of our senior staff members (applicants for project leader positions or higher will walk with our founder, Michael Timmermann). During the walk, any last open questions will be discussed.

Travel expenses and overnight stay

We are happy to cover reasonable travel and accommodation costs for applicants that are incurred as part of the application process and on which we agree in advance.