61 people and a squirrel who devote their warm-heartedness and intellect to consulting 2.0

Michael Timmermann

Founder & CEO, Agile Coach

Rainer Basler

Associate Partner

Thilo Mutter

Creative Director Timmermann Change Communication

Christian Alt

Director Timmermann Academy

Ralph Schmidt

Associate Partner, Agile Coach (Expert)

Jens Brodersen

Commercial Director

Sebastian Hertlein

Product Owner

Sepp Baumeister

Head of Communication Creation

Dominik Steinbeißer

Project Leader, Agile Coach

Anna-Carla Ostmeier

Associate Project Leader, Agile Coach

Paul Sörgel

Associate Project Leader, Agile Coach

Dr. Johannes Landsperger

Associate Project Leader

Mariola Wittek Mourao

Associate Project Leader, Agile Coach (Expert)

Gian Luigi Gregotti Borasio

Associate Project Leader, Agile Coach (Expert)

Prof. Dr. Jonas Polfuß


Crystal Antes

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach

Veronika Pfaffenzeller

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach (Maternity Leave)

Thomas Plankensteiner

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach

Lukas Bargel

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach

Marina Weber

Coach & Feel good Manager

Romina Fricke

Consultant, Agile Coach

Teresa Tänzer

Consultant, Agile Coach

Anja Spechtner

Consultant, Agile Coach

Simon Quast

Consultant, Agile Coach

Matthias Fligge

Consultant, Agile Coach

Jakob Johann

Junior Consultant

Philipp Hench

Junior Consultant

Chiara Richardt

Junior Consultant

Annika Kramer

Junior Consultant

Isabel Braunger

Junior Consultant

Hendrik Reitter

Junior Consultant

Karolin Ammon

Head of HR

Dagmar Kirchner

Head of Marketing and Sales

Stefanie Schaefer

Head of Assistent

Viviana Siedler

Senior HR Specialist

Nicola Kruse

Marketing Specialist

Amadeus Hauck

Marketing Specialist

Constanze von Heckel

Content Specialist

Aldin Felic

Specialist IT, Privacy & Processes

Alina Liefermann

HR Specialist (Sabbatical)

Sladana Milincic

HR Intern

Annika Holweg

HR Intern

Jakob Wimmer

Intern UX-Design

Andrea Balko-Kinal

Assistant Intern

Kathrin Hackl

Assistant (in Training)

Nelly Kuisseu

Assistant (in Training)

Sneshana Lewin

Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Laelia Platzer

Marketing (Maternity Leave)

Inga Tesmar

Working Student

Sofie Bayer

Working Student

Nicolas Kainz

Working Student

Tilman Bondzio

Working Student

Pia Vahle

Working Student

Helena Sabic

Working Student

Lisa Hartje

Working Student

Tamara Fernando

Working Student

Leonie Daut

Working Student

Leonie Gugler

Working Student

Max Ammon

Working Student

Erik Emmer

Junior Janitor

Chiara Klimkeit

FOS Trainee


Senior Nutcracker


What guides our daily actions

“We shape organizational change with clients who really mean it.”

Shaping change of any kind, especially of mindsets and behavior, is our core competency. Everything the world has to offer on that topic, we try to bundle, extend, share and apply it with our clients.

In the end, our clients need to change themselves. We mean every single person. Therefore, we always shape change together with them. Change cannot simply be “delivered”.

Real change is also exhausting and works only if you recognize your own weaknesses and work hard on improving them. It’s important to take these processes seriously. But in the long run, seriousness is only on key to success when it’s combined with humor. Our favorite engagements with the highest success probability are those in which the initiators take their personal change processes seriously while being open for humor. Often this energy and open mindset grows throughout the project. Not everyone in an organization is excited to start a change at the beginning of the process – and that’s ok

“With bright minds and open hearts.”

Excellent consulting 2.0 requires both intellect and warm-heartedness. It combines structured strategy development, programs, and concepts based on expertise with high social and psychological competence and the passion to creatively work with people on change. We work hard every day to achieve this ideal.

Therefore, shaping our own corporate culture is very important to us. We live a transformational learning community. Thus, we help each other to develop in the long term and achieve high performance. We push each other to achieve our shared goals. What does that mean concretely?

  • Knowing that we deeply appreciate one another, we give each other direct feedback on a daily basis – also bottom-up, e.g., from Intern to Managing Partner
  • Every 6 months, each employee has an extensive and systematic development dialogue with his or her superior. In between, individual development is discussed regularly
  • We support employees by offering 1:1 coaching to work on personal development areas. We also coach each other – even bottom-up
  • We create an environment free of fear as fear limits your scope of action and prevents learning. For instance, we talk very openly and proactively about our mistakes
  • We put an emphasis on assuming the best of one another. We treat each other with affection and appreciate our fellow team members
  • In our daily routine, most people authentically open up and show emotions. This is only possible because we are close to one another, trust each other, and consciously act as role models
  • We pay attention to the small things. This is how we inspire, motivate, and intellectually stimulate each other while responding to each person’s individual needs
  • The opposite of our culture is a transactional exchange relationship to maximize one’s own benefit
  • We reeeally live our values

Since we live this culture every day, we are able to authentically live it in our client engagements. This way we can help stimulate cultural development

“To help humanity change for the better.”

Just as Steve Jobs said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do“. „I want to make a dent in the universe.“ This world only changes if the people in it and the way they interact change. We want to contribute to people interacting with directness and appreciation. We want them to transformationally support each other in their personal development and take on responsibility to really have impact. The goal is not only to feel good for the sake of feeling good. People who interact this way will also achieve better results, also in companies

“A community of inspired and inspiring people jointly striving for impact.”

Visitors of our Timmermann Campus often tell us, “This is such an incredibly kind and inspiring atmosphere you work in!”

We are constantly looking for warm, intelligent, hard-working, authentic people to enrich our world. Are you one of those people? We invite you to take a look at our career page.