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The Timmermann Service Lines

Timmermann Partners5 gute gründe warum du nicht bei uns

With a wealth of experience in leading companies worldwide, Michael Timmermann has witnessed firsthand the meticulous application of the consulting craft. However, as a psychologist, he identified a crucial aspect that was lacking: the ability to change attitudes and behavior. Recognizing the significant impact this has on business performance indicators and the success of transformations, Michael realized that while the importance of change is acknowledged in strategy consultancies, the ability to truly make a lasting impact is limited, often hindered by their own culture. When he took over the change practice of a consultant network, Michael found himself faced with the challenge of working in a less analytically clean and structured manner. Drawing upon his entrepreneurial experience, he decided to bring his vision of holistic consulting to life, leveraging the full potential of organizations and ensuring sustainable and effective transformations through his expertise in business and change work.

Timmermann Change Communication

"As someone with a creative spirit, my ultimate goal was to create something extraordinary, impact lives, and make a meaningful difference."

"Oh, come on now, stop complaining. You've reached the pinnacle of success."

That statement held true. He had managed prominent advertising agencies, crafted international campaigns, and earned prestigious accolades. However, there was one burning question on his mind: What was it all for? The answer emerged when Sepp Baumeister noticed Timmermann's search for communication professionals. He chose to channel his creative potential towards helping people transform, rather than simply selling to them.

Our mission is to ignite a spark of change within individuals. While advertising agencies focus on advertising, true impactful communication is the realm of storytellers. They weave narratives that inspire people to embrace transformation. And thus, Timmermann Change Communication was born.

Timmermann Architecture & Design

If you are committed to embracing the concept of New Work and aspire to create an office that not only offers employees a functional workspace but also nurtures, motivates, and invigorates them in their work, then you require the support of a specialized architectural firm with a team of architects, New Work experts, and change experts. We are delighted to accompany you throughout the entire process, starting from the design phase to the final implementation. By choosing our unique team, you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of current trends, our profound understanding of organizational culture, and our extensive experience in developing and executing innovative spatial concepts.

Timmermann Digital


"How can we effectively reach our extensive audience?" "Is it possible to achieve significant change with limited resources?" "Our company is eager to embrace digital transformation. Can you assist us in this endeavor?"

These were the recurring questions posed by our clients, seeking cost-effective solutions with widespread impact. While others may have doubted the feasibility of scaling change, we saw it as a challenge to overcome. After months of brainstorming, a groundbreaking idea emerged: a smartphone-based change app that delivers profound knowledge in a simple and impactful manner. Thus, the Timmermann ChApp was born.

In addition to the transformative ChApp, Timmermann Digital offers a range of other digital change services, including internal organizational change podcasts, videos, and intranet content.

Timmermann Academy

Change processes are learning processes. That's why every change process requires a certain amount of training. We use our methodological and content-related competencies to create customized in-house training programs for our clients - even without a change process, i.e. standalone. The topics are as diverse as our clients, e.g. agility, leadership, teamwork, change, communication or innovation.

Individuals can also take part in our Change Management Professional course "Living Change". 

Timmermann Social

At Timmermann Social, we harness our extensive expertise and years of experience to drive impactful change and foster positive transformation for the betterment of humanity.

When asked about his greatest passion within our range of services, our founder Michael Timmermann passionately expresses his unwavering dedication to Timmermann Social, emphasizing his willingness to devote all his time to its endeavors (if only he could!). This particular service line is deeply committed to bringing together influential stakeholders and promoting collaboration on projects aimed at addressing the universal challenges that affect us all.

Our New Work Office

new work - so ein new work büro

Our New Work office has become a favorite among visitors who are captivated by its charm and inspiration. It's not uncommon to hear quotes like "I am absolutely amazed by the warmth and inspiration that surrounds me here!" echoing through our corridors.

If you're a big-hearted, intelligent, and authentic individual, we're always on the lookout for people like you to join our thriving community. Could this be the opportunity you've been waiting for? Take a moment to explore our careers page and see if it aligns with your aspirations.

Our team

51 people, a virtual AI coach (and a squirrel) who will happily use their warm-heartedness and intellect for you:

Michael Timmermann Business
Michael Timmermann Hobby

Michael Timmermann

Founder & CEO
Bernd Business-1
Bernd Hobby

Bernd Witzany

Chief Operating Officer
Lukas Bargel Business
Lukas Bargel Hobby

Lukas Bargel

Project Leader, Agile Coach
Deniz Business
Deniz Hobby

Dr. Deniz Seebacher

Associate Partner
Anna Business
Anna Hobby

Anna Lossmann

Head of Marketing & Sales
Stefan Business
Stefan Hobby

Stefan Kießling

Project Leader
Clara Radunsky Business
Clara Radunsky Hobby

Clara Radunsky

Project Leader
Lae Business (1)
Lae Hobby

Laelia Platzer

Agile Coach, Project Leader Internal Projects
Jan Ahrend Business
Jan Ahrend Business

Jan Ahrend

Agile Expertise Leader (Expert)
Mariusz kreft[26] Medium

Mariusz Kreft

Agile Expertise Leader & AI Architect (Expert)
Hannes Business
Hannes Hobby

Hannes Schweizer

Agile Expertise Leader

Dietmar Pelz

Expertise Leader
Sepp Business
Sepp Hobby

Sepp Baumeister

Head of Communication Creation
Micha Voss Business
Micha Voss Hobby

Micha Voß

Senior Art Director (Expert)
Stefanie Sebald Business
Stefanie Sebald Freizeit

Stefanie Sebald

Architect (Expert)
Jonas Stoll Business grau-2
Jonas Stoll Hobby grau

Jonas Stoll

Associate Expertise Leader
Marina Weber Business (Haare zu)-1
Marina Weber Hobby

Marina Weber

Trainer, Coach & Interior Designer
Sebastian Business
Sebastian Hobby

Sebastian Hertlein

Product Owner, Senior Consultant
Saadet Business
Saadet Hobby

Saadet Tas

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach
Clemens Business
Clemens Hobby

Clemens Wahlig

Senior Consultant, Agile Coach
Viktoria Business
Viktoria Hobby

Viktoria Nolte

Senior Consultant
Michael Boberach Business-1
Michael Boberach Hobby

Michael Boberach

Senior Consultant, Coach
Lukas Christmann Business
Lukas Christmann Hobby

Lukas Christmann

Consultant, Agile Coach
Lorenz Business
Lorenz Hobby

Lorenz Gerteis

Jilll Business grau 1
Jill Hobby grau 1

Jill Jeanne Semidei

Junior Marketing Manager & Consultant
Alex Business-1
Alex Hobby-1

Alexandra Oswald

Clara Business-1
Clara Hobby

Clara Scheufler

David Ambrosiak Website Bild (002)
David Ambrosiak Hobby Bild (003)

David Ambrosiak

Consultant, Agile Coach
Katharina Business
Katharina Hobby

Katharina Motzet

Jonas Will Business
Jonas Hobby

Jonas Will

Tara Business
Tara Hobby

Tara Duus

Lea Business (1)
Lea Hobby-2

Lea Lettenmeyer

Sophie Tewald Business
Sophie Tewald Hobby

Sophia Tewald

Junior Consultant
Lisa Oehl Business
Lisa Oehl Hobby

Lisa Oehl

Junior Consultant
Magda Business
Magda Hobby

Magdalena Schuh

HR Specialist

Nicole Schatz

Assistant to the CEO
Stephy Business
Stephy Hobby

Stephy Brand

IT Queen
Sneshi Business
Sneshi Hobby

Sneshana Lewin

Anja Business
Anja Hobby

Anja Hengge

Team Assistant
Nina Business
Nina Hobby

Nina Becker

Manager Internal Projects & Operations Specialist
De Kai Business
De Kai Business

De Kai

unhamster Advisory Board Member
Manuel Mark Business
Manuel Mark Business

Manuel Mark

Senior Marketing Expert
Abhishek Business

Abhishek Singh Kushwah

Senior AI Developer (Expert)
Jemis Goti business
Jemis Goti business

Jemis Goti

Front End Developer (Expert)
Vokan Business grau-1
Volkan Hobby grau-1

Volkan Edis

Jassi Business
Jassi Hobby

Jasmine Craciun

Junior Marketing Manager
Samu Business
Samu Hobby

Samuel Spielmann

Junior HR Specialist
Anne Business
Anne Hobby

Anne Jüngert

Junior HR Specialist
Jegadeesh Business-2
Jegadeesh Private


Presentation Design Expert
Damjir Business
Damjir Hobby

Damjir Gasparic

Alex Morgan Business

Alex Morgan

Virtual AI coach


Senior Nutcracker
Julian Kruszek Business
Julian Kruszek Hobby

Julian Kruszek

Junior Consultant

"A collective of motivated individuals united in their pursuit of making a meaningful difference."

Explore our New Work office

Welcome to our Timmermann New-Work office! 
Come in and experience the special atmosphere here

Our thank you wall

Located in our kitchen, this special wall in serves as a visual testament to our appreciation for others. It's not just us who express gratitude here, but also our cherished clients who contribute their heartfelt thanks

Come for dinner with pleasure

The kitchen is a unique piece of the artist who designed the villa Wandel

Our mission statement

Why we do it:

"To help humanity change for the better.“

As Steve Jobs famously said, "It is the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world who actually do." We firmly believe that for this world to truly change, the people in it must change too. Our mission is to inspire individuals to engage with one another in a direct and appreciative manner, fostering personal growth and taking responsibility to make a positive impact. Our goal is not just to feel good, but to cultivate an environment where treating each other with kindness and respect leads to exceptional results, even within a corporate setting.

How we do it:

"With bright minds and open hearts.“

Outstanding change management necessitates a blend of intelligence and compassion. It entails skilfully crafting strategies, programs, and concepts while also possessing the social competence and enthusiasm to engage with individuals and drive transformation. This is our daily pursuit.

In our pursuit of excellence in leadership and teamwork, we embrace the fact that mistakes happen. What sets us apart is our commitment to addressing them openly and dedicating ourselves to resolving them with utmost diligence. However, this unwavering focus on improvement can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Some may expect us to be flawless and never falter, always upholding our values without error. The truth is, our relentless dedication to self-improvement may make it seem like we make more mistakes than other organizations, but in reality, we are thriving. It is important to remember that perfection is an unattainable goal, but our continuous efforts to learn and grow allow us to come close.

We work on our corporate culture intensively and are a transformational learning community. This means we support each other's learning. In concrete terms, you might imagine it like this:

  • We give each other appreciative direct feedback on a daily basis as a gift - also from the bottom up
  • Everyone conducts a detailed systematic development dialogue with their supervisor at least every 6 months. In between, regular development discussions take place
  • We support our team to work on their attitude and behavioral issues in the form of optional coaching processes
  • We strive for psychological safety in the team, as fear restricts the scope for action and slows down learning
  • We place a lot of value on assuming positive things about each other and dealing with each other in an appreciative and cordial manner
  • Authenticity shines through in the way our team members openly express their true emotions and inner thoughts. This level of vulnerability is only achievable because of the strong bonds we share, built on trust and the recognition of our influence as role models for one another
  • We also pay attention to the small things with which we inspire and motivate each other, stimulate each other intellectually and respond to each other individually
  • The antithesis of our target culture is a purely transactional exchange relationship to maximize our own benefit to the detriment of the other person.

Because we embody this culture ourselves, we have the genuine ability to incorporate it seamlessly into our client projects.

What we do:

"We make change easy - with you."

Is change really easy? The truth is, it can be quite challenging. However, we are here to support and guide you every step of the way, making the process as smooth and effortless as possible.

 Designing change of any kind, especially attitudes and behavior, is our core competence. We try to bring together, expand, share and use everything the world has to offer in terms of knowledge and experience on the subject.

Ultimately, it is the power of our clients themselves that drives change - every single individual has the ability to transform. That's why we believe in working hand in hand with our clients, fostering a collaborative approach. We understand that simply delivering change doesn't produce lasting results. True change requires a personal commitment to growth and the willingness to address our own mistakes and weaknesses. It's only when we take our journey seriously, yet approach it with a sense of humor, that we unlock the energy and openness needed for successful transformation.

Genuine transformation can be exhausting, requiring a deep understanding of your own shortcomings and a commitment to personal growth. However, true success lies in the ability to infuse seriousness with humor. Our most successful change processes occur when individuals are both earnest about their own growth and open to the power of laughter. This unique synergy of energy and openness naturally unfolds over time, paving the way for remarkable transformations.