Timmermann Social

Because actions speak louder than words.

Despite the countless positive developments and successes happening worldwide, humanity continues to grapple with fundamental challenges. The United Nations recognizes 22 first-order problems, which have a global impact and give rise to numerous other issues. These encompass critical concerns like climate change, nuclear energy, poverty, gender equality, and human rights, all of which demand utmost attention in today's world. The World Health Organization (WHO) focuses on health-specific matters, including healthcare during crises, improved access to medicines, and preventive measures against pandemics. Other reputable sources like The Borgen Project and gvi prioritize conflict and war prevention, food security, equitable resource distribution, education, and unemployment. Despite these challenges, numerous individuals and organizations worldwide are dedicated to making a positive difference. We, at Timmermann Social, aim to contribute to this transformative process by utilizing our expertise in change management to effectively support these organizations in their quest for solutions.

Across the globe, countless individuals and organizations are tirelessly dedicated to addressing and resolving these pressing issues. We share in this commitment to fostering a more sustainable and equitable world. That is why we are passionate about leveraging our expertise in change management to empower these organizations in achieving their goals with enhanced effectiveness and efficiency.

Timmermann Social is not just a superficial facade - we are driven by a genuine desire to create a meaningful impact.

The Timmermann Social mission: "We use change know-how to help solve the world’s major problems”

As a change company that guides both companies and public organizations through change processes, our goal at Timmermann Social goes beyond simply providing support. We are committed to making a real impact and finding solutions to global problems and crises. With a wealth of experience and the best methods at our disposal, we work hand in hand with organizations striving to address first-order problems.

Imagine a scenario where an environmental activist, a warlord, a business executive, and a politician, each hailing from different corners of the globe, come together to solve a complex problem that intersects their diverse interests. It may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but at Timmermann Social, we specialize in facilitating these problem-solving processes between stakeholders with contrasting backgrounds and worldviews. We understand that addressing first-order problems requires the successful collaboration and interaction of these unique individuals. While it may not always be easy, we believe in the power of bringing together individuals who can contribute their distinct perspectives and expertise to drive meaningful change.

Our extensive experience lies in guiding leaders and teams through problem-solving processes that encompass both substantive and interpersonal aspects. A fundamental element of our approach is the recognition that individuals from diverse backgrounds share commonalities. These commonalities manifest in various ways, such as the need for both uniqueness and a sense of belonging, the pursuit of freedom and security, and the desire for both closeness and distance. We create a conducive environment that respects and clarifies these needs, allowing for the navigation of differing realities and desires. This space serves as a foundation for achieving shared goals and surmounting challenges. Interestingly, it is through these collectively positive experiences that the attainment of goals is indirectly fostered. We empower participants to take ownership of their joint process, fostering a sense of responsibility for its success.

"If I could choose, I would devote most of my time to Timmermann Social" - says Michael Timmermann when asked which service line he is most passionate about.