Open positions

We are always looking for warm-hearted, intelligent, hard-working people to further strengthen our team. To discover which position suits you best, please have a look at our career paths. For non-consulting positions and an more detailed description of position of consulting positions, switch to this page’s German version in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, if you speak German

Consultant personalities

People who fit our way of working and thinking

A consultant should be able to understand complex situations quickly, structure them, and develop suitable solutions. To do so, you need a bright and fast mind, allowing you to quickly analyze and solve also complex problems easily. This is how we develop in-depth, spot-on solutions. You can contribute to that by providing your brilliance and motivation for analytical and creative tasks.

People who connect with our clients and us on a personal level, striving for improvement even in difficult situations

For changes to have a lasting effect, it is essential to understand and reach peoples hearts. Therefore, we look for applicants with a high level of empathy, social competence, courage, and authenticity.

Supporting others in their personal development means acting as a role model for change and learning. This is why we constantly work on our individual development; not only professionally, but also regarding our personal issues, such as patience, motivation, true self-confidence, or empathy. In order to do so, we need a distinctive performance- and development-attitude; not only for our personal growth, but also to achieve top performance for our clients. You should also be open to new experiences, such as reconsidering your personal values and beliefs and how you really live them.

People with experience in what we do

If you want to start as a Junior Consultant (intern), we are open for any academic background. First professional experiences are a “plus” but not a “must”.

If you want to start as a Consultant you should have work experience in the form of long-term high class internships or a first permanent position.

For any position as a Senior Consultant or higher you should have gathered at least two years of work experience in a directly relevant field. Especially competencies in consulting, training, coaching, and moderation are highly valuable for us.

For any application as a(n) (Associate) Project Leader or higher you should additionally provide experience as a project leader within a consultancy using top management consulting methods.

If you wish to apply as a(n) (Associate) Partner, you should have held the position of a (Junior) Partner in a consultancy using top management consulting methods and provide profound experience in change management, being a trained coach is a plus.

You are highly talented and have a lot of relevant experience, but haven’t worked as a Project Leader or (Junior) Partner in a consultancy applying top management consulting methods? Or you haven’t gained profound experience in change management? You can join our fast track program to become an (Associate) Project Leader or an (Associate) Partner. You typically start as a Senior Consultant and– depending on your work results and progress –get promoted faster; e.g., every six months.

Non-consultant personalities

“Specialists” and Assistants should of course match our culture on a personal level – also for your own job satisfaction. Although the specific requirements and backgrounds can be very different depending on the position, our transformational culture will help all employees to grow. Please find further details in our job postings for non-consulting positions.

Junior Consultant


Junior Consultants are the giants (and analysts, developers of crazy ideas, PowerPoint magicians and event playbook writers), on whose shoulders we stand every day.

Your tasks in client projects

In your six months internship you will constantly work at one or two fixed clients or projects to become a stable part of the team. Your challenging and enriching tasks include problem solvings with consultants and your project leader, supporting the creation of (even board) documents, and logistical planning for large group events for hundreds of people.

Use all of your intellect, drive, and social competencies and learn how to use new psychological and business methods. You will work on projects with really interesting clients. Larger ones like BMW, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, and also medium-sized companies like Deutsche Leasing.

Your tasks within Timmermann

Beyond working for clients, you will help Consultants and your Project Leader with their responsibilities on internal projects. This includes, e.g., enhancing our knowledge management.

At Timmermann, you will improve very quickly in your professional and personal skills, because you work closely with extremely skilled Consultants and your Project Leader. They continuously give you appreciative, direct, and conrete feedback and show you tangibly how to improve your personal efficiency and results.

Moreover, you will moderate internal formats like a “Lunch and learn” or Timmermann Secrets (internal knowledge sharing formats).

Joining us

You will notice right away that we are not a conventional consultancy. So, of course we don’t offer conventional internships. Small details like our welcome breakfast, “instruction manual to myself” and iDares (self-chosen development challenges requiring courage) are just examples for what creates our really warm and open atmosphere and makes an internship at Timmermann so special.

Paul Rohde:

Personal growth, meaning, and finding my professional orientation were the three most important criteria in choosing my internship. Now, I’m more than happy with my decision to have joined Timmermann Partners. I never learned so many really relevant things and had so much fun at the same time.

We always look for warm-hearted, intelligent, hard-working people, who support us as Junior Consultants. We are looking forward to your application. Please send it to

(Senior) Consultant


As a (Senior) Consultant you work as an integral part of project teams and use your analytical and conceptual competencies. This includes working on own concepts and analyses as well as realizing ideas already preconceived by your Project Leader or Partner.

Your tasks in client projects

You will develop extraordinary communication formats like comics, analyze business challenges or help with the preparations of a board meeting or team training. Whenever possible, you will join your seniors to deliver interventions and take an active role, e.g., as (co-)moderator. As a (Senior) Consultant you will usually work outside our Timmermann Campus for about 1-2 days a week. Generally, you will work for big and medium-sized clients like BMW, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, and Deutsche Leasing.

Your tasks within Timmermann

Besides your role at the client, you will take responsibility in internal projects, like enhancing our Client Relationship Management. You will create offers together with colleagues that are basically draft concepts for future client projects.

As a (Senior) Consultant you usually have a Project Leader right next to you, who can help you out with virtually anything. You will also have a small leadership role leading Junior Consultants (interns). This also includes giving appreciative and helpful, direct feedback.

Joining us

University graduates and (young) professionals often enter our company as (Senior) Consultants. They receive comprehensive support in their starting phase. This includes learning missing consulting skills like problem solving, storylining, or slide design as well as special change management skills.

Dominik Steinbeißer:

“As a Consultant, I enjoy a wide variety of different tasks. I’m often at the forefront, for example working one-on-one with clients or designing and co-moderating workshops and trainings. I can also dive into analytical and conceptual problems and lead Junior Consultants. It’s the combination of many different challenges, especially, that I experience as very fulfilling”

We always look for warm-hearted, intelligent, hard-working people, who support us as (Senior) Consultants. We are looking forward to your application. Please send it to

(Associate) Project Leader

associate project leader

As a(n) (Associate) Project Leader you are the conductor of the orchestra. You always know which instrument plays which tune.

Your tasks in client projects

You are always one step ahead of the problem, be it business or change challenges. You have a deep understanding of your clients in both areas. At the same time, you enjoy shaping unstable situations and creating sustainable value through trainings, analyses, workshop moderation, and coaching. You find answers to the questions: “What does the client really need right now?” and “Which dramaturgy would work best for this meeting?” and supply your team with well structured briefings so they can prepare the delivery. You will spend about half of your working time travelling or at the client site (it tends to be less than the usual 80% in classical consultancies). Normally, you will support large and medium-sized enterprises (e.g., BMW, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Leasing).

Your tasks within Timmermann

Being a(n) (Associate) Project Leader is one of the most fulfilling positions in the team for most people. You develop, coach, and mentor your team members to help them harness their potential and prepare them for their next level. Additionally to client delivery you are also an internal co-entrepreneur. You are a part of our internal leadership team, get to discuss management decisions and work on important internal projects to continue writing the Timmermann success story.

Joining us

When joining our Team, you will get an onboarding and a lot of information and sparring by our (Associate) Partner level to build your change knowledge and skills and business related competencies. You will receive (Associate) Partner guidance on external and internal projects, which will help you to develop rapidly and will support your stability to lead the client in the right directions. Of course, you will already need to have project leader experience and years of consulting experience when you join us in this role. This way, you’ll be able to create impact for our clients from the start, even in unstable situations.

Max Heberer:

“During my time at Timmermann Partners I have grown from Junior Consultant to Project Leader. In my current role, I very much enjoy being able to develop other team members and the appreciation I get for it. At the same time, I can quite independently help clients with really transformational impact. That feels good.”

We always look for warm-hearted, intelligent, hard-working people, who support us as (Associate) Project Leaders. We are looking forward to your application to

(Associate) Partner

associate partner

As a(n) (Associate) Partner you join us at quite an altitude but will still start over from the foot of the mountain again and again. That’s because you will be a guide and pioneer in solving our clients’ and or own new challenges

Your tasks in client projects

You will accompany big and medium-sized enterprises (for example, BMW, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Leasing) with your full heart and mind  during business-related and social change processes. Most of the time, you will work closely with client’s top Management and sometimes middle management. Because at the top is where real change usually starts. Leadership/team development and sparring play an important role. Oftentimes, personally fulfilling and enriching relationships arise, for example during a night time walk around a lake while brainstorming a new strategy for a business unit of a DAX-corporation or even a whole medium-sized-enterprise, and how it could be implemented. You are with the client for around three days a week. The remaining time you are inspired at our Timmermann Campus and inspire others there.

Your tasks within Timmermann

As (Associate) Partner you are also (co-)entrepreneur at Timmermann Partners. In other words: you co-develop the Timmermann strategy and support our growth with sales successes on the basis of extraordinary leadership skills. That’s how you constantly build your own business unit within Timmermann and shape it.

As (Associate) Partner you are also a supporting pillar in our growing and dynamic Timmermann community. Within the team, you are continuously developing inspired and inspiring team members. You contribute your whole personality in an open and appreciative atmosphere and have your learning engine running heavily, also when it comes to personal development

Joining us

Being a(n) (Associate) Partner at Timmermann Partners is a special challenge on various levels. That´s why a really experienced consultant (who for example has worked as a (Junior) Partner in a consultancy before) sometimes starts on a fast track on a lower level, but moves up every ~6 months in case he/she is being successful. It is about learning the specialties of the Timmermann Approach, to live the philosophy and methods, to use them and to pass them on.

We respect and appreciate that you have a broad knowledge and skillset and achieved a lot in your life already. In our team you may and should bring in your great experiences and competencies. But at the same time, you may and should embark on a real learning journey to develop yourself professionally and personally with all your openness, eagerness to learn and your modesty (which is based on true self-confidence).

Florian Prittwitz-Schlögl:

After successful years as a project leader at McKinsey, I wanted to put my focus on my passion: accompanying people during their change processes. The beginning as a standalone coach was really fulfilling. But quickly I recognized that something was missing: a great team and the possibility to move things in a big way with my intellect. Now at Timmermann, I’m so much more effective. And I’m not just a part but also a leader within a community, which offers me the perfect combination of consulting and accompanying clients with regards to content and soft topics. During my work, I’m supported and complemented by a really strong team. I also bring a lot of warmth, knowledge, experience, and energy into this growing community to push our company and colleagues. I get at least as much back as I’m giving. I’m still in a wonderful learning process and have at the same time reached my destination.

We always look for warm-hearted, intelligent, hard-working people, who support us as (Associate) Partners. We are looking forward to your application to


Documents screening

Documents screening

Tell us why you want to join specifically us. Provide us with any documents, authentically underlining your fit with our requirements and us.

What we look for in your documents:

  • Previous performance, independent of subject or profession
  • Touch points with strategy/management consulting, change management, and
    related subjects
  • Relevant work experience
  • Educational background
  • (Social) commitment / responsibility taking and interest in “the unknown”
  • Personal touch


Telephone interview

Telephone interview

Paper doesn’t talk, people do.

In the telephone interview we want to get to know you, your motivation, and gauge your personal maturity. We get an impression of your structuring skills, your conscientiousness, and your serenity.

Tip: Prepare your own questions to us.

Personal interview with case study

Personal interview with case study

For this step of the process, we invite you to Munich, to visit our Timmermann Campus. One of our consultants will take the time to talk to you, not only about the job. We want to get to know who you are. And we want to find out how you think. Therefore we will present you a case study, representing a typical client project. In the following conversation you have the opportunity to show us how you analyze challenges, develop concepts, and juggle with numbers. If applying for a position as a Senior Consultant or higher, you will work on two different cases.

Tip: There are a number of books written specifically to practice for job interviews in consultancies. Those can give you a good impression, the main thing is that you practice a lot, don’t only read(!) those books! And focus on learning to structure your approach and thoughts. Of course, our case studies differ somewhat, because they also include change management questions.

One-day trial work

One-day trial work (Consultants and above)

During the one-day trial work, you have the opportunity to work with us on an internal or external project. You actively participate in teamwork, receive and give appreciative and direct feedback, and learn about new techniques and methods while getting to know our way of working. For you, this makes it even easier to imagine what working with us would look like, and we get the chance to get a very practical impression of your work.

Freetime activity with our founder or phone call with one of our Associate Partners

Freetime activity with our founder or phone call with one of our Associate Partners

Our founder and Managing Partner Michael Timmermann puts an emphasis on getting to know any applicant for a position as a Consultant or higher who passed all previous recruiting steps on a personal level, before making a final decision. Therefore, you invite our Partner to a freetime activity of your choice that takes about 3-4 hours. Reaching from yoga, cooking, and ice-cream production to wild water kayaking and snowshoe hiking, he enjoyed a great variety of activities already. The only two conditions: it should be possible to have an in depth-conversation during the activity and Michael wants to learn something new from you that day.

If you are applying as a Junior Consultant, the last step of the process is a personal phone call with one of our Associate Partners.

Travelling Expenses and overnight stay

On behalf of transformationality, Timmermann Partners bears all travelling costs for a return train or bus ticket in second class for students who have to travel 100km or further.
For non-students Timmermann Partners will carry half of the train or bus ticket expenses in second class, starting from 100km approach roads.
In case overnight stays are necessary, we recommend the following inexpensive hotels: