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AI's impact on voice generation

Von Sebastian Hertlein, veröffentlicht am 10 Januar 2024

A game-changer in cost efficiency: The revolutionary Impact of #Artificial #Intelligence on voice generation

The expense of voice creation has always been a substantial barrier in the rapidly developing field of AI-driven mental health coaching. At the Timmermann Group, where I work as the #ProductOwner, I confronted the challenge head on. Having to rely on external speech creation services meant paying a premium fee, which was a barrier to our efforts to make our artificial intelligence life coach available to a larger audience.

Not only did our reliance on external services result in an astounding 99.97% increase in prices, but it also limited our ability to manage the voice quality and the degree to which we could customize it.

We found this to be an extremely important matter because the success of an AI Coach in the field of #mentalhealth is strongly dependent on a voice that is both individualized and compassionate.

The conundrum was very clear: either continue to tolerate high costs or make concessions on the quality and customisation that are essential for user engagement and effective therapy.

However, we decided to go in a different direction. After conducting a substantial amount of research and development, we came up with a technique that allows us to synthesize the voice of the #AI #LifeCoach directly on our own servers.

This innovation not only resulted in a significant reduction in our expenses, but it also provided us with full control over the quality of our voice and the ability to customize it.

Through this action, we have not only made our artificial intelligence coach more financially accessible, but we have also improved its capacity to deliver counsel that is both compassionate and an individualised experience.

This is not only a victory for Timmermann Group, but it is also a significant step forward for the entire area of #artificialintelligence in the field of mental health care. We are now in a position to provide care that is more efficient and individualized at a fraction of the cost, which renders mental health support more accessible than it has ever been before.

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