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How can we support you overcoming the Corona Crisis?


  1. Virtual Leadership and Cooperation
  2. Our Training Offer for You
  3. Leadership in Times of Crises
  4. Personnel Development using the ChApp – trial for 2 months free of charge

Sometimes, change happens faster than we would expect. 2020 has just begun, but Germany has already been haunted by a hurricane, and now is haunted by a virus, and all of us had underestimated its impact for a long time.

Along with the restrictions linked to this, organizations now need to find new models of cooperation at short notice.

Remote Teams, home office, virtual teams, mobile working – for some businesses, these terms and their implementation have been part of their everyday work for a long time already. However, in Germany, many organizations still are asking themselves how working from home functions efficiently.

Besides this, companies are facing tremendous challenges. What managers and decision-makers have to deal with right now is enormous and probably overstraining for everyone - in terms of velocity, impact, extent, and complexity. Now the right crisis management is needed, in essence, how you can cope with the current situation.

The Timmermann Group wants to support your businesses and organizations with overcoming this crisis in an uncomplicated and short-term way.

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Virtual Leadership and Cooperation

Team spirit is created by the members feeling alike. Many organizations host a Summer or Christmas Party every year, or After Work Parties on a regular basis, and the focus hereby lies on everyone having fun.  If a team has been working together for a longer period already, it is of great importance for these similarities to be borne in mind again and again. Smaller cooperative activities can be implemented for home office situations, such as virtual coffee breaks or sharing home office photos.

Remote teams, home office, virtual teams, mobile work. For many businesses, these terms and their implementation are part of their daily lives, especially for start-ups and software businesses. However, in Germany, numerous organizations still have several questions raised: “How can my business’s success be secured in times of the corona crisis? How can we empower our teams to cooperate efficiently and effectively while in home office? What does leadership in times of corona crisis look like?”

Home Office – Trust is Key

At most times, the realization of home office lacks the right mindset. Managers need to trust their employees. However, in reality there is still much doubt whether people actually do their work when being at home, even though studies prove the opposite: generally speaking, employees working from home are taking fewer breaks and are working more overtime hours. Furthermore, the productivity at home is significantly higher than in open-plan offices. The reasons for this are a reduced rate of distractions and, as a result of that, a better ability to focus.

“Leading virtual teams” also means handing over responsibility and granting freedom to team members with their way of achieving set goals. “Losing control”, which naturally happens due to spatial separation, can hinder these processes of transferring responsibility. The members of virtual teams need to learn what taking responsibility entails. So, “leadership” while in home office does not only concern the topteam management, but is as important for every single employee – the keyword is: 360-degree-leadership, including self-guidance and upward leadership.

A Suitable Software for Home Office

The absence of software is no excuse. Companies such as Microsoft and Google have announced that during the pandemic, their video-call and collaboration software will be made available for several months for all businesses.

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Our Training Offer for You

“How can my business’s success be secured in times of the corona crisis? How can we empower our teams to cooperate efficiently and effectively while in home office? What does leadership in times of corona crisis look like?”

We happily support you with answering these questions, and together we make it possible for your workers to work productively from home, too. Therefore, we have designed an online training for you and your colleagues in the leadership circle, which gives you an insight into the following topics within 3 2-hour-courses:

  • how to lead virtual teams the right way
  • how to design Remote Meetings effectively and efficiently
  • how to maintain team spirit and not lose contact with one another

Experience how we, though only connected in the virtual world, carry out experience exercises, apply innovative methods, and generate moments of truth together.

Leadership in Times of Crises

Especially in times of crises, management responsibility, proactive action, and leadership communication are of great relevance. The uncertainty right now is enormous: not only with entrepreneurs and managers, but also within staff. Use the time to be supported by individually tailored management coaching, which, of course, can be offered via Skype, Skype for Business, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams as well.

Besides an Agile Coach, who accompanies the teams during the duration of the agile transformation and assists you as best as possible, we can warmly recommend you the importance of a Remote Coach. With the help of a Remote Coach, the quick working pace can be maintained and a decline in performance can be prevented, despite the current restrictions. Do not hesitate to ask.

Personnel Development with the ChApp – free trial for 2 months

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Most employees work from home these days, if possible. Contracts, as well as numerous appointments are cancelled. This can serve as a reason to use the newly acquired free time to your benefit, for instance for training. With the ChApp, our Change App, we have created a digital micro learning tool, which enables businesses to school their employees specifically in areas such as agility (including Scrum), agile leadership, virtual cooperation, agile teamwork, and many other topics regarding change management. More than 100 lessons included, the ChApp turns this unfamiliar situation into a chance.

But the ChApp offers more than just training for employees. Furthermore, it is a platform for communication and exchange. Thanks to an integrated messenger and the group chat function, workers stay in touch with each other and can discuss learning content and their progress. In these times, this is more important than ever before.

To make this step as easy as possible, during the current time of crisis we offer the ChApp for 2 months completely free of charge for organizations with more than 300 employees. It can be downloaded very easily via the Appstore and the Google Playstore. Send us an email to to receive your personal activation code, and experience yourself how to digitally accompany your teams.

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